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Review from the"San Francisco Chronicle"

by GraceAnne Walden

"...At Gaspare's the simple margherita is king, with most patrons opting for this classic."

Review from "San Francisco Magazine Online"

    Review: Gourmet pizza is the silliest oxymoron in all of foodville. Those crumbly cornmeal things with asparagus spears and chicken strips aren’t fit to bear the name pizza, let alone be dished to loudmouthed softball players from the Outer Richmond. Besides, who wants to eat pizza in an airy bistro that doesn’t have Miller on tap where people say things like "venture capital"? To get the full pizza experience, you gotta go to Gaspare, where thin, New York–style pies are oozing with mozzarella, garlic, pepperoni, and a whole bunch of other stuff that spices up a killer tomato sauce. And the ambience? It rules. You got your velvet curtains in the entryway, plump seating booths, checkered tablecloths, gaudy seaside murals, and dusty plastic vines hanging from an ancient ceiling trellis. Put a quarter in the boothside jukebox, sway to Giuseppe di Stefano wailing "Funiculi, funicula" while olive oil drips down your arm, and you will know, my friend, you are in pizza paradise. (K.B.)

Review from M. Stewart, owner from Shipped Fresh Daily

    "On a recent trip to Italy I fell in love with their pizza. I have found the same exquisite, simple, delicious pizza at Gaspare’s Pizza House—fresh ingredients prepared with attention to an old world style of baking."

Review from The Food Court

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    "Two for one at Gaspare's. It's a pizza house and Italian restaurant all under one roof. The great part is they do both really well. We started with the "Pizza House" fare and let me tell you it was far more than fair. The style is thin, thin cracker type crust that is hard to beat. We had the Pizza Margherita: garlic, olive oil, sweet basil, oregano, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. Sounds simple but it's full of flavor. The pizza menu is large: no less than 27 specialty pizzas. I favor the minimal topping pizza myself and with the thin crust Gaspare's offers you won't want too much getting in the way and weighing it down..."

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